January brought Celtic Connections around again and had a thoroughly good time once more. Highlights being a brilliant show from the Treacherous Orchestra and a spellbinding performance from Admiral Fallow.

Also enjoyed my Young Trad Tour gig in the Strathclyde suite, although was a little sad as it was my last one! Thanks to all the other folk for making it one to remember!!!

February settled down a little and the teaching routine took over although a few ceilidhs spiced things up a little bit! The end of the month brought Keig music week around for the 4th year and it was yet again a great success (even though I do say so myself!).

March brought my 2nd music week in a fortnight with our first outing to Keithhall Primary School, another fantastic group of kids and has been a success so far with a good turnout for our tutors concert and hopefully tomorrow nights kids concert will be even better! A big thanks to Tia Files and Heather Downie for their help and fantastic tutoring throughout both weeks!

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