The Glasgow Fiddle Workshop Spring Fling, was a big success, lots of kids and a positive atmosphere throughout. Some fantastic young players out there and a wonderful concert/ceilidh to top it all off, what a great week!

Made a rare venture out into the outside world and went to Rura’s album launch on 13th April. Not only was it a treat to see them play live, got their album to keep me going too, lovely work guys! Anyone who hasnt heard them should check them out!!! Also a good chance to see the Dirty Beggars, one of the most energy fuelled ‘bluegrass’ shows ive seen in a while as well as some lovely playing from the Thalla boys, what a great evening it was!!

Been doing a little writing this last week, have a new tune and the start of some string parts for something. Just need to keep working through it until I have something tangible! Been enjoyable so far and hope to end up with a piece at somepoint!

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